Sunday Funday

After church daddy took us to the golden arches. I really wanted a cheeseburger. Lali loves her new cup.


We rushed home to get the kiddos into bed because we made plans to chop down a tree after they napped. We woke them up around 2pm and got them all dressed in their snow pants.


Danny giving Damian a ride on his sled.


We rode around our friends parent’s property in ATVs looking for one. Damian rode with Danny and I rode with Lali in the sled attached.

We found a decent looking one! My feet were slowly freezing, so I wasn’t going to get picky.


Lali was a warm little poof..all but her nose.


Then we all hopped back onto the ATV. I was holding Lali with one arm and the other arm was wrapped around Danny as tight as I could go.


Then we went in to warm up by the fire.



The tree was sitting outside until Danny came home last night. He brought it in and we realized it was too big. We gave it a trim.. it looks a bit different now.. a little bare. I love it though, we are going to decorate it today!


Danny got these icicles off the side of the house.


He stuck them on the lawn, they are still standing.


Today we woke up to 9 degree weather. I took out the trash in my jogger pants and a sweater and did not realize it was that cold until they said it on the news. I checked my phone and sure enough.. it was 9 degrees out. It is not at all windy out so maybe that is why it doesn’t feel like a cold sharpness when it hits your face, like it did the other day.


Damian gave her a pacifier.. so she has been walking around with it.


We are watching the snow fall.. Damian and I are waiting on my coffee and we will put some ornaments we have on the tree. Last year I had a fake 12 inch tree so we’ll need some more. Happy Tuesday everyone, stay warm out there! 😉

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