Citlali’s Birthday

On the eve of Lali’s birthday, the babies nap.. I walked in there and it smelled like poop. I decided not to wake him up.


Thursday morning Danny made sure we got out the door in time for a birthday breakfast.


It was nippy. We got the car started about 15 minutes before we left. It is usually not this cold. You could feel how cold it is when you breath. The air seems crisper and it really wakes you up. It was windy so I was trying to keep the babies covered on my way out to the car.


Happy birthday little girl. ❤


She likes the cream too.


“nakes!” that’s what Damian calls crayons. They are crayones in Spanish.. I don’t know why he calls them that, haha.


Citlali got a free meal and slice of pie for her little birthday.


I was going to go home because it was nippy but I decided to go to the dollar store for supplies.


I love finding things like this. Damian put the pom-pom on his truck. Little minds at work.


We went to dinner at our friends house.


After dinner we went out to our local theater for a special viewing of the movie Elf. It was free to the public and it was fun for a short while before Citlali lost her mind and started to scream. The joys of parenthood. I took her out the lobby and she walked up and down while Damian and Danny enjoyed part of the movie.

Citlali is such a sweet, crazy little person and I love her so much. She weighs 20 pounds and has 7 teeth and says bah-bah to her daddy when he leaves for work. She drops down on her tummy when she’s running away from you and you catch her. She waves to you when you catch her doing something she is not supposed to be doing and tell her no. She is stubborn and feisty. She loves her big brother and giggles at him constantly. She loves our cat Chapo, she gives him Eskimo kisses. She loves apple pie, just like her daddy. She has very little hair and likes to pull it and play peek-a-boo. She is the sweetest when she rests her head on your shoulder. She always wants to be held. She needs her mommy constantly.. until her daddy gets home. She’s walking more and more and will soon run, I know it.  I want to remember these things forever. ❤


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