New Pajamas & Christmas Party


Damian got a haircut.


Mommy doesn’t like it too short.


Soon after, Danny came home for lunch.


leftover Chili.


Damian didn’t really nap. He took my tea lights and used them as fire. He also took my ceramic house.



We went out to breakfast right before heading out to Costco.


Lali screeched at our waitress when she tried to take the menu from her.


A little cream appetizer.


Low tide on the lake.


Costco! Danny pushed the kids around and made sure they got a bunch of samples while I ran up and down the isles.


It looked busy, and it was. It was Saturday at noon so you could imagine. But when we got in line to check out we were kind of shocked. We were always used to super long Costco lines on a busy day. We just lined up to someone finishing up and we were next right away. Put that on your pro con list! 😉


The babies got to wear their brand new Christmas pajamas. I know some people do the Christmas box and open them on Christmas Eve, but I wanted them to wear them right away .


ahh.. the loves of my life. ❤


They have little deer on them. Sort of boy girl matching. The deer have sweaters on.



We got home from church, ate lunch and put the kids down for nap right away. We woke them up for Danny’s work Christmas party a little early, 2:30.



Dude Ranch.


Damian saw horses and he was too excited. When we got out of the car he couldn’t stop talking about them. So Danny took him over to say hi.


He cried all the way into the cabin because he didn’t want to leave the horses. We all got settled in and mingled, waiting for everyone else to arrive.


I’m still learning how to use the camera(can you tell these are from the camera?). Makes for lots of blurry pictures.


Damian went around looking at all the animal mounts on the wall naming them all. That calmed and distracted him from wanting to go outside to see the horses.


When we were all ready to go, he walked out the door not waiting for anyone. Eventually Danny got to him. It was chilly, about 32 degrees around 3:30ish. They gave us a bunch of wool blankets to cuddle up with.


I guess they usually have the party when there’s snow and they put skis on the wagon. There wasn’t enough snow this year so we got the tires.


Lali’s really cute wool coat. It’s all furry inside.


All wrapped up and ready to go!


Damian kept yelling, “mas rapido caballos!!(faster horses!)”


It was about a 20-30 minute ride and it got chilly. I had Lali wrapped up like Danny had Damian but she kept taking her hands out about halfway through. She was throwing herself back and her hands got reaaally cold. I know Danny’s were cold because mine were. When the ride was over, I couldn’t feel my toes. I was wearing two pairs of socks and my rain boots. Everyone went straight to the fire to warm up after. It was fun though.. those horses are amazing! Danny stayed behind a little because Damian was thanking the horses for the ride.


This kid is filling up on popcorn.


It was such a fun party. Damian got some tractor trucks and we got lots of goodies and one of Danny’s co-workers gave use some “apple pie” that he made which is moonshine. It tastes like apple pie. You couldn’t really taste the alcohol in it but it was good. I always thought moonshine was supposed to be gross and strong.. and taste like a battery. I guess I was wrong.

We survived a chilly night. I think it dropped down to 17 degrees last night. It felt the same in our room. We didn’t even need the heater. We were fine with our four blankets. Remember, our room has no insulation. It is supposed to drop even lower tonight, 10 degrees(which we hear is not “normal”.. a cold spell if you will). I went outside to take the trash out and it didn’t feel much colder.. the sun is out shinning so it seems warm. It is currently 28 degrees.. earlier it was around 25 though. The air feels more crisp and my hands did get cold really fast from being outside just a short while. I was also just wearing my pajamas and a sweater.






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