Coffee Necessities

I did it again.. I thought all day yesterday that it was Wednesday. It wasn’t until Danny said something about a football game that I was like, “wait a minute..they play on Thursdays”. Ahhhhh…!! is the real Wednesday.



Citlali likes it when I throw this little towel on her head. She laughs and laughs, takes it off and then tries to put it back on.


Damian was making a ruckus during nap time. I went in and Lali was asleep, so I brought him out to the living room. He fell asleep in 5 minutes flat.


Daddy took us out to dinner.


She is such a people watcher. Just like Damian was at this age. I would go to Ihop with my mom, like once a week when I was pregnant with Damian(when I stopped working) and after he was born too. When he was strong enough to sit in a high chair he would just look around at everyone. Just like Lali is doing here. He would smile at people and make eyes at them too. Lali hasn’t done that yet, ha.


Mmmm… calamari. Danny’s favorite 😉 haha, just kidding. He is grossed out.



My Wednesday. haha. I went to make the kids pancakes from very little mix that I had left. I added too much water and then I tried to add flour to thicken it up. It was a disaster. I decided to continue to try to make them, even though they were super runny.. I thought to myself, “ahhh, they are like crepes”. No, they were not. I put it on the pan and a bunch of steam came up, the liquid bubbled really quick and stuck to the pan. Then I yelled to the kids, “vamos a McDonalds!(let’s go to McDonalds!)”. Did I mention we were out of groceries and I didn’t have any cream for my coffee.. off we went!


The kids shared a sausage egg muffin meal. I just take the sandwich apart and split it. Damian gets ketchup for dipping.


The ladies working thought the kids were so cute and that Damian had nice color hair and they gave him a little action figure.


This window is right by the drive through. Damian was jumping up and down yelling all the car colors.


They are hiring! 😉


Ahhh.. BEST. COFFEE. IN. ALL. THE.LAND.  This is why we really came.. hehe. Winter has brought out the coffee drinking in me. I want a coffee any time of day.  Sometimes I make tea. I told Danny that I wanted a large but I didn’t know how many sugars to have them put in it. He did a facepalm and told me to make a meme and label it “first world problems”. Haha. Yea, I guess.


Afterward we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries and we wandered into the Christmas section. Damian kept turning on those little toys. They sing and dance and spin around. He tried to put one in the cart and I was like, “nope!” I don’t want to pay $14.99 for something that is just going to annoy me all day long. It was pretty funny, once.


Poor Lali bear. We delayed her morning nap. Sacrifices had to be made.


All the bare trees. Waiting for the snow.


It did snow on Tuesday.. I think it was. It didn’t stick. It did snow all morning and then stopped after lunch. It was fun to look out the window and watch it fall. You could see the snow flakes change in size and amount. It has been chilly in our room at night. I don’t ever go in my room during the day. Just to get something if I need it.. It’s too cold. It’s supposed to drop down to like 12 degrees at night in the next few days and I tell Danny, “we gon’ die!!” haha. We sleep with 4 blankets and I think we are going to need 3 more. Danny said we could just plug-in the little heater we have. We will see how it goes..


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