Monday Shenanigans

We are recovering from our long weekend. I made the kiddos eggs with rice for breakfast. My mom made us this a lot, not just for breakfast and I always thought it was so yummy.


After lunch, Danny ran around the table with the kids. He rode the scooter..




I snapped some pictures of the brand new siding and framed windows before the sun set.. at like 3:55 pm.




just one more dump run with the trailer.


& this is the side of the house..It doesn’t really match the old kind but we’re hoping after some paint you won’t be able to notice so much. I also keep changing my mind about the color. Originally, I wanted a blue..then I thought, mint! Now I’m thinking gray. I wanted a super dark gray with white borders, but now I’m thinking a softer gray.


Anyway.. Danny picked up some pizzas from Walmart and here Damian can’t wait for it to be ready.


He is so sweet. We have been hearing him speak more sentences and he puts together thoughts and Danny and I just giggle at each other(because we think it’s hilarious/cute, we can’t contain it). When we were at Danny’s uncle’s house, it was SO funny to watch him talk to everyone. He was just babbling on and on and I noticed he switched languages. Mostly because I couldn’t understand most of what he was saying and it was because he was speaking English.. which he doesn’t usually do with me. I mean, yes.. a word here and there. Also, another funny thing, I usually know his babble talk but this wasn’t babble talk. It sounded like babble but it was just because I’m not used to hearing him try to talk in English a whole lot. He has a SUPER thick accent. HAHA! Isn’t that the funniest thing?? I will try to post a video of him saying, “it’s really good”. Ha. You’ll(hopefully) see what I’m talking about. When we were visiting, someone would give Damian something and we would prompt him, “como se dice?(what do you say?)” and he would say, “kanks(thanks)”. Usually he says gracias. I thought it was very very interesting that he picked up what language to speak. It will be fun to see him keep learning and interacting.

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