Happy Thanksgiving Eve

This morning we woke up to slushy rain/snow. Last week it snowed for the very first time. I believe it was on Saturday morning. It didn’t stick but it was nice. Here are some pictures.



OH! A couple of weeks ago, Danny put new siding on the house. He also framed the windows.



I really tried to get the snow in the pictures, but you really can’t tell it is snowing. It was 36 degrees outside, so I was kind of surprised it snowed. It turned into rain throughout the day.





We went out to the thrift store to look for ugly sweaters. Citlali’s 1st birthday is coming up and it is going to be an “ugly  Christmas sweater party”. We got there before it opened so we walked over to a coffee shop and shared a cheese pastry.


It was so cozy in there. It looked like a big living room with a wood stove in the corner. Something about fireplaces and stoves up here makes me really appreciate them. I mean, people really need them up here. It is not just something decorative or something you turn on for heat on a random chilly night for ambiance or for looks. I see the piles and piles of wood people have stacked out on the side of their houses and the smoke coming out of the chimney ALL DAY. I mean, our house has the wall heaters but I guess it is more economical to have a stove. You go out and chop your wood and bring it and store it for the winter. I think that is really cool.

Oh, side note. We get to go chop our tree this year. FOR FREE 🙂 We didn’t really know that, but it’s pretty neat.

ANYWAYYY… when we drove back from the thrift store, both kiddos fell asleep. I took Damian out and he laid his head on my shoulder and I laid him on his bed.


Isn’t he the sweetest!



Chapo was chasing this wasp and as soon as I saw it I squished it with a shoe.


It was a nice “hot” day for winter, I think it was 43 degrees? I mean, after a while it does seem hot. After so many  cold days your body adjusts and when it warms up again, you really do feel it. In the beginning of the season it suddenly dropped to 41 degrees and I was FREEZING.. later in the season, not so much. It really did seem like a warmer day, especially with the sun out.


I made lasagna soup for dinner. Soup is so nice these days. Especially when the kids wolf it down like they do, especially Damian. It’s rare that he eats like I’ve starved him all day.



Today we are looking at gloomy rainy skies.. hanging out by piles of laundry that I need to put away and toys scattered all over the floor. I smell poopy diapers.. and I’m off to do hang out with my kiddos. We will be traveling tomorrow morning to be with family for Thanksgiving and I am so EXCITED! I love a good road trip, especially ones with beautiful scenery.

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