Grumpy Momma

It is almost here… the snow is coming down the mountain. Danny said it looks like we live in a postcard. šŸ™‚ Not the best picture, but I did have to zoom all the way on my camera phone. This is the view from our kitchen window. There is snow on those(blurry) trees and rooftops of houses I didn’t even know where there.


The past couple of days there have been lots of cuddles.


The cat likes to watch the kids bathe. This is the first time he’s hopped in.



Damian likes to play, “run around the kitchen table really fast while daddy chases me”. “Papi rapido!!!” (daddy fast)


Look at him, he’s going so fast he’s just a blurr.


Our trash man comes on Tuesdays and Damian loves for me to pick him up so he can see them take our trash away.


He always asks for help putting his fence together. ā¤ He also has me help put those little hats on.


Yesterday was a crazy afternoon. I went into Damian’s room 5 times to get him out of Citlali’s crib. After the fourth time Lali had fallen asleep and when he jumped in there the 5th time, he woke her up. It was about 4:20pm and I was so tired and mad because I was trying to nap on the couch but Damian kept disobeying so I couldn’t really get a wink of sleep. I loaded up the kids in the car and went to the thrift store, which is about a five-minute drive from our house. Anyway.. when I was about to unload the kiddos I saw Damian had fallen asleep. It about squished my heart and made me feel terrible. I had gotten quite upset at him for waking up Lali(accompanied by me crying in the room momentarily) and I was not a very nice momma. Look at him, he is so sweet. He is so little. He will never be this little again. I decided to get back in the car and drove around town.. aimlessly. I got some coffee at McDonald’s and then gassed up the car. I got home around Ā 5:10pm. Danny was already home and we just headed out for dinner.


This afternoon, it was almost the same. I was sooo tired after lunch and I laid on the couch trying to catch a snooze. I was also waiting for Damian to disobey(hence the couch). He did, but I only had to go in there twice. Little victories. I was still waiting for him to go in there some more so I made a pot of coffee and swept and cleaned some. Although he didn’t disobey anymore(and fell asleep), and I didn’t get my nap, I feel a lot better. The house is nice and clean which always makes me happy. Oh, and most importantly, I fired up Netflix and I am on my 2nd Christmas movie of the afternoon. šŸ˜‰

Oh, these are from this morning.


This is the pillow that I made from that sweater. I know, it’s blurry. It is a lot wider than I was picturing. That is because I stuffed it instead of making it a pillow “cover”. Oh well.


We met some friends before lunch at this cute little indoor play place.


The babes are still asleep(YESSS!) and I am sitting her in my nicely picked up cozy house, staring out the window to the snow-covered mountain and it is so beautiful. When I was driving around town last night I noticed they put up all the Christmas lights on the trees already. Oh my… I can’t wait for the streets to be blanketed by snow.

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