Shooting & Lali Is 11 Months

I forgot to post these pictures last time. We went shooting the day before we went to CDA. We went up the mountain, and when we got close to our shooting destination the road got worse and worse. Which was a fun adventure in our not off roading car. Oh, and by the way.. Danny has gone up that same mountain once before in his Ford Focus.


The babies took a nap on the way up.


Those pink ones are the ones Lali wore took off angrily, which led me to use my hands to cover her ears.. which she didn’t like either.


Damian helped daddy set up.


Look at that nice toosh 😉


…aaaaand down the mountain.


Morning shenanigans..


Damian had a hole on his jammies that his toe stuck out through, so I cut the feet part off.


I got some crafting twine and Damian found it and decided to use it as rope for his toys. I’ll allow it.


Can you see all his little horses all nice and lined up..? So cute watching him play.


There you go! More light.



Yesterday Danny got the day off and he and Damian loaded up the trailer to make a dump run. I took some pictures of them unloading from inside the car.


Lali was 11 months on the 8th. It just hit me yesterday that she will be a year old in less than a month. It’s like, I knew.. but it just sort of hit me that it’s a big deal. She is the sassiest little thing I have ever known.


The boys went off to make another dump run this morning and Lali and I stayed behind so she could take her nap. It is raining and forecast to rain for the next 4 days and snow next Thursday!! I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday and the girl who does them said they are waaaay late on snow this year. She says usually by Halloween they have snow. Which is what everyone says. She also said she would be happy to babysit for us anytime, lol. Everyone is so nice here.. 🙂

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