The Long Days

I apologize to those who read my blog before I made the corrections. It is MOOSE that come to town, not elk. OOPS! This is how my brain works–> Alce= Moose in Spanish and now I am thinking Alce.. and somehow it turns into Elk… don’t try to make sense of it, that is just how my bilingual brain works. I have gotten the question before, “what language do you thing in?” my answer is usually, “in English”. But my brain works very different from a single language speaker. Maybe, if we have had a conversation before and I don’t make any sense,’s my bilingual brain to blame. I am not even aware of the weirdness unless my sweet husband points it out to me. Example, one day he told me to stop saying “floor” for “ground”. We were outside by the car and I said something fell on the “floor”. Well in Spanish it is “piso”, which could both mean floor and ground, so I guess I never really acknowledged it to be a difference. I guess I had been saying it a lot. But I DIDN’T KNOW!! Or didn’t realize, I guess….? Or another one… “saddle”. In Spanish, it is “silla” which is “chair”. I USED TO SAY HORSE CHAIR! I’m really not stupid guys.. It’s just how my brain translates things sometimes. I mean, when I say it to my siblings ans stuff, they know what I’m talking about.. because their brain does the same thing. Or maybe because they know what I mean, but don’t care to correct me because they know what I mean to say and don’t want to make a big fuss about it..? Who knows.

Anyyyywayyyy.. We went out to Couer D’ Alene for Danny’s hunter course/class thing. It was super foggy on the drive out and in the city. It was eerie and cool though.



We dropped Danny off and went off to breakfast with the kiddos to good ol’ McD’s


Organice Coffee. 🙂


The kiddos both napped in the car. I brought out Damian’s Playmobil and he.. he has some serious OCD going on.. he likes to line them all up. Oh, and goodness forbid Citlali come and move them..


Oh, yea.. Lali has learned and likes to climb onto things.. shes’s a danger to herself.


This is a sweater I got at the Goodwill for my crafting. I made a throw pillow out of it.. and currently working on some leggings for Citlali.


Random Walmart pictures.


We headed back out to CDA for some Sunday shopping.. We ate lunch at some place that had football on..


I ordered a really gross burger that I will never order again. Got it out of my system. I told Danny that it was like when I was pregnant with Damian and I would crave something, eat it, and then be completely grossed out that I ate it. Barf. It was not good. I think it was the Gorgonzola.  I was the “fun guy” haha, get it? It had bacon, mushrooms, and Gorgonzola cheese.. never again.


We came back home, got some coffee and were off to see Daddy play some flag football. We always missed it because it was during naps. BUT, since the babies napped in the car again, we were able to make it. 🙂


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