Yesterday we hung out at home. Damian developed a cough Wednesday night and didn’t get any sleep. He had a fever the night before. Having sick babies is the worst. You are used to all the crazy little people running around with all the energy in the world, happy as can be. Screaming and making a mess all over the place. You appreciate the mess when the little ones are sick..

Babies going down for their afternoon nap.

Damian gets in trouble for going in her crib at nap time EVERY. DAY.

Okay momma… can leave now..

Lali woke up with a 102 fever and was so sad. She just wanted to cuddle and nurse. So that we did. I brought her to bed with us so I could keep an eye on her fever. Hopefully we don’t back track. She got up a couple of times and I just nursed her back to sleep.


When we got up..around 8:40am her fever had broken.. & Damian was out in the living room playing with his toys.. and some vitamins(he opened some vitamin C chewies and threw them all over the carpet. The sun was shinning more than I had seen in a while and I decided it was a perfect Target day..

We cruised down out street and I saw them! The moose that come to town. There they were on our street, just 4 houses over from our house. There are two, if you can spot them. I think they are babies. There was a momma with two(big) babies walking around Halloween night and there was a warning from the police department to be careful.

Sweet little boo.

Damian kept saying, “foffee, momma” and pointing at Starbucks. It didn’t take much convincing, I was like, “yes, momma needs some”. I’m still worn out from all the night nursing/lack of sleep. Anyway, I got a latte and asked for a little sample cup to pour a tiny bit for Damian. 🙂

The babies are asleep and I need some coffee. I keep looking out the window expecting to see the moose.  When I drove back on the way home, they were not where I had spotted them. Hopefully they visit our backyard. I am hoping 🙂




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