I dressed up the kids as Cowboy and Cowgirl. I already had everything and I thought it would be cute.


A little snacking before trick or treating.


We were off a little after 5:00 and went to the neighbors and around the block. They mostly got chocolate, and a lot of full-sized candy bars! It was rainy and Damian kept jumping into  puddles. Lali went happily with me until my arm died and I handed her over to Danny.


Afterwards, the boys went out to the store to buy things like ammo and knives. Boy things. Lali and I stayed behind and hung out. Damian got to eat one piece of candy before he left.


This was yesterday morning. Ignore the mess. 🙂 I got out my sewing machine to make Lali some headbands and pants. Danny played football on Sunday afternoon and someone tore his shirt. It was stretchy and I decided to make some pants for Lulu bear. She doesn’t have very many pants so I am on a mission to make her some. They turned out so cute. They are more like leggings. I put them on under her overalls when we went trick or treating.


The sun is finally out today. It is a bit cloudy and the mountain has more snow on it. It’s such a nice view from the kitchen window. I am counting the days until we get snow. I need to see it snow for the first time from our new house. I saw on the news yesterday that it has been the wettest October on record. I was wondering if all the rain was the “norm”. I guess not.

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