Happy Halloween!

But most importantly.. Happy Birthday Nonie!  🙂  We woke up to rain today and it looks super gloomy. I think it will rain all day.

Here are some pics from the weekend.



This is Lali bear trying to climb into the bathtub. She is much too short. I found it adorable that she only got her foot up like 6 inches.



Saturday was Danny’s birthday and we went out for some free breakfast! Not at the Litehouse factory though, don’t worry.


Someone’s phone was blowing up…


Daddy got a special present..


& we had a little dinner party and I made one of Danny’s favorite dishes! I used the Pioneer Woman’s cream of mushroom recipe and doubled it. Then I made it with celery and doubled it. I basically doubled the whole recipe.. just wanted to make sure there was enough..


We had pie for dessert. It was such a nice night with all of our friends coming over to help celebrate Danny’s birthday. The girls were talking to me about the snow and getting snow ready and giving me lots of helpful tips. I keep checking the weather but it isn’t cold enough to snow for at least a week and a half. The lowest I have seen it forecast at night is 39 degrees.


After church we went out for some football and lunch.


For the past 2 years on Danny’s birthday I had a picture of Damian and Danny at breakfast on his birthday. This year I didn’t get to take one, I forgot. So, this one will do. Even if it’s one day late. 🙂 ❤



Citlali is a little crazy person. I caught her climbing on Danny’s tool box.


After Lali went down for her morning nap, Chapo went to cuddle with Damian on the couch. Last night Damian had a really high fever and didn’t eat dinner and went to sleep watching Bambi. He was a flushed, rosy cheeked little boy. He woke up today with the biggest appetite and completely different energy. Praise the Lord!


We are lounging around, watching the rain. Sipping the coffee. Damian sips my coffee when I’m not looking.. brings back memories. I used to sip my mom’s coffee when she’d leave it unattended in the kitchen, ha.

Later, I am planning on dressing the kids up to go trick or treating! I am so excited because I am usually the one that eats it all(muahaha).

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