Little Boys Will Fall.. A Lot

Chapo likes to sleep like a weirdo.


It took me about three and a half hours to make this. It is made up of about 200+ coffee  filters. I also made one for the front door that is made of leaves from our tree out front. I want to put another one over the kitchen sink. Danny thinks that is too many wreaths for one house. I think if we had a giant mirror, I would put one there too. Of course I have already thought of a giant mirror idea with the old wood framed around it.. but it’s just an idea..


This little girl walked a few steps on Saturday(October 22)! She was standing holding on to the couch giving me the cheesiest grin and took 3 steps my way. It completely took me by surprise. Now she is just standing all over the place. She is a little hesitant on taking steps without a catcher.


We woke up to rain again and it looks so nice outside. Lali just went down for a nap and we are going to head out to the store when she wakes up. We are running dangerously low on wipes and the kids like to throw me curve balls like, 5 poopy diapers before afternoon naps..

Two days ago it was sunny and warm (50 degrees, ha!). Lali woke up from her nap and so did Damian at 4pm and I decided it was a great idea to go to the park. It was so nice outside, the air had a chill to it.. off we went. We got there and Damian ran over to the playground and kept going up and down the slide. He was climbing up a metal side ladder instead of going up the stairs and all of a sudden I hear hysterical crying. He had fallen and I didn’t see because I had taken Lali out the stroller and had begun jiggling her around to get her to stop fussing. He was on the sand crying and crying and I ran over and started examining him.. blood all over his mouth. He had a huge cut on his inner lower lip. Meanwhile, these youths were just standing there watching.. did I mention them earlier? They walked over with a speaker playing VERY inappropriate music for my littles to be listening to. They hung out on the swings for a while and turned up their music. It was very obvious they were trying to get a reaction out of me. Like, annoyingly obvious. I thought to myself and decided I was going to ignore them. Damian was having way too much fun and he was too little to really know what he was hearing. I just kept smiling and waving at him and cheering him as he went down the slide. He would smile so big and run back to go up the slide again.. until the unfortunate incident occurred. I think the  kids( I would say they were early year high school) stopped their music at that point to try to see what happened. Anyway.. they are their parents problem.  I was telling Danny the story and I told him I am not good in time of crisis. I got up to pick  up both kiddos and walk back to the stroller and I couldn’t move. I fell to my knees. I shook it off and then just carried Lali and had Damian walk over to the stroller(still a crying bloody mess). I promised him cookies when we got home and he was fine the whole walk home, pointing out different things he saw. I was shaken up though. Many of you know, I am very squeamish. One time I almost passed out at work(when I was a waitress) telling a co-worker about my husbands brain surgery!

Anyway, I just wanted to write about that so I can read it someday and think how much better I got dealing with my kids injuries.. hopefully. 😉 haha.

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