Back In Business!

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! We waited about 2 weeks to get our internet hooked up to our new house. I think we made the appointment when we moved out and just expected it to be a lot sooner, we were wrong! Small town problems, haha. I guess we know to make an appointment sooner next time we need internet hooked up. I could have posted from my phone if I wanted to use up all of the data on our plan.. anyyyway.. ย Here are some pictures from the last two and a half weeks. They are just random in order from oldest to newest. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yea, we let the cat on the table. Go ahead and judge us.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Chapo just waits there until the kids have their guard down. But after a few “shoo’s” he waits there patiently.

They have a little section at Wal-Mart that has these little rides.

Lali bear ready for nap time.

Fun time seeing family ๐Ÿ™‚

Apparently, boxes are

Citlali is a little character. I was drinking my coffee one afternoon and she just NEEDED it. She was screeching her little heart out at me because I wouldn’t let her have it. I finally took off the cap and gave it to her. Calm the beast..

We drove out to get a new little motor boat!

It was in Rathdrum in the coolest neighborhood. We saw lots of sheep and it looked like a Forest.

Oh yes.. both my children like coffee creamer.

I have some pictures of my boys out on the lake that I will post later. It feels good to be able to post again.We are all settled in and still trying to figure out storage. I have a lot of stuff for a yard sale, that may need to be stored away ’til spring. We are also looking for a freezer to store a lot of meat that we ordered. Also, Danny will hopefully get his hunting license and buy a deer tag in the next couple of weeks. I will be on Pinterest over the cold snowy days looking for venison recipes! The snow is already sticking to the mountain and we are expecting it soon. Everyone says it will snow by Halloween, which I’m torn about because I don’t know hot to take the kiddos trick or treating with their costumes on and a coat over them? I guess we will figure it out.

Happy Tuesday!


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