Hey all! I am so glad it’s Friday and we are finally(planning to) stay at our house tonight! We woke up to rain, and it is supposed to rain all day. I was going to try to pack some things into the car but it just keeps raining. Lali is asleep and Damian is playing in his room and I’m just putting things in baskets here and there. We are trying to avoid boxing up stuff, so I’m just packing up stuff into my car and making little trips here and there. You can imagine how that is with two little babes. They see something nicely squared away in a corner and they think, “oh a pile of stuff, lets throw it all in the air and make a huge mess.. and then roll around and laugh in it”..or “hey measuring scoops, lets go over to the kitty litter..” don’t worry, I caught the kitty litter one before a disaster happened.

On Wednesday I was going about my day and was checking in on social media here and there. I noticed someone on Intagram used a #waybackwednesday and I thought to myself, “…pffft, bahaha.. idiot…it’s not Wednesday” and then I went on about my day. The babies went down for a nap and then I took a nap. Woke up, the babies were still asleep and I did more moving stuff.. checked social media. Then I saw #womancrushwednesday .. and I thought.. “whoa, wait a minute..” I checked my calendar and sure enough.. It was Wednesday. I text Danny that I thought it was Tuesday… again. Last week the same thing happened to me. On the same day.


On one of those days, Danny set up Damian’s bed. It’s a trundle bed and we are going to use the bottom for storage.

It has been rainy and overcast most of the week.

Look how low the clouds are on the mountain.

The sun came out just in time for soccer!

Okay, I guess I am going to brave the rain and get some things loaded into the car. Wish me luck! I hate being in this in between. More than that though, I am so excited to be in a house that my husband completely fixed up for us, and made it safe and beautiful. It is small, but that makes me so happy. You always think as you progress in life and work that you need to keep upgrading. I always thought that way.. I mean, that is our culture now a days. It makes sense that when your family grows, you need to make room and all that stuff. I get that. I am just sooo looking forward to purging! I keep finding more and more stuff and clothes that I am ready to part with. Less stuff, less clutter. We also don’t want our space to feel smaller with a bunch of things we don’t need or use in it. I guess I’m just going on and on. One day we will have a bigger home, I’m sure. With property and some animals for the kiddos. For now, we are happy with our two little babies, food on the table, our cat, a roof over our heads, and this sweet little town that has won over our hearts. Oh, and rain! 😉

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