We’re Back..

We have been back in Idaho since Sunday night and it only took me 2 and a half days to recover… haha.

Here are some pics of our week long trip to Bakersfield. I didn’t snap very many…

Our first plane there..ohh, the calm before the storm. Both kiddos had a meltdown when we got on the connecting flight.


This was at my mom’s house during nap..


This is the night before we came back. Damian helped papa Cuque feed the horses. Papa Cuque got him that hat. It’s the first thing he pulled out of his carry on when he got home. He put it on Damian and carried him out to see the horses. My dad was working out of town and he flew in Friday and rode to town from the airport in a motorcycle. It was a really nice surprise.


& there is Papa Cuque..


We went to the fair afterwards. Damian was terrified when the carousel got going.


Danny wishes I looked at him like this.. 😉 haha.. I kid.


I waited two years for this. I wanted a turkey leg last year and they were all out. It was also the last day of the fair. I was 6 or 7 months pregnant with Citlali..


I thought this hat was cool..


I wish I had taken more pictures of our trip. It was surreal going to visit a place we lived 5 months ago. As soon as we were in town I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe I used to live here. There is so much concrete everywhere. It’s so hot, I feel like I’m dying. Even all the greenery looks sad. ” It’s like you don’t know how bad it is until you step out of it., live somewhere different, and then come back. I guess I’m an Idaho snob now. I was spoiled by crisp clean air and the kind of hot where you only feel it when the sun is on you and not when you step outside and feel it immediately hit your skin. All the greenery up here is vibrant and a different kind of green. I feel like it’s a true green.

During our stay I also had allergies. I couldn’t stop sneezing and my nose was super itchy. The roof of my mouth was also itchy. Oh, and the worst part is that I got a canker sore. Thanks, Obama! Bakersfield! 😉

Other than those things, it was a nice visit getting to see everyone and be there for the wedding. What a sweet celebration. I didn’t know how much I missed my mom and dad until I had to leave again and it was just as sad as the first time. Leaving my mom is especially  hard. We have a really great relationship and we are just so goofy and silly, we make fun of the same things(that’s important 😉 ) and we always have good conversations. I also loved seeing Damian talk to my mom and dad and do his little things. His Spanish has come a long way. When he first started to talk, I was worried that he wasn’t going to speak Spanish because he mostly said  things(single words) in English. I would say, “Damian, di pato(Damian, say duck)” and he would say, “ducky”. It made me so frustrated because I was speaking in Spanish to him all hours of the day and then he would hear how to say something said in English once and just refer to it in English. Anyway, it was a proud momma moment for me to see my kid communicate with my mom and dad in their language. Hopefully Danny and I can keep it up.  I am most definitely glad that my kids get to grow up here. A place that slows down, it’s beautiful, and I’m not afraid they are going to get Valley fever. The summer’s are looked forward to and the seasons are promised. We will definitely always go visit family, because that is so important to me.

Anyway, we went to our very good friend’s party on Monday night. Damian got to hit a pinata for the first time.


Chapo missed us.


I was putting some laundry away today and I got sad. Citlali and Damian’s jamies. Time is going by so fast. Damian used to be that little once and look at how much he has stretched out!


Oh, and Lali threw a bunch of clothes on the floor.


The kiddos are in bed and we are about getting ready to get ready to move. I can’t wait to get rid of more stuff! I’m tired of things being everywhere. Goodnight, my wine awaits me. It’s been one of those days!!

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