Farmer’s Market Scones

Saturday morning Damian was up earlier than usual, around 6:00am. I went in and we watched a movie hoping that Danny would get some more sleep because Damian was up ALL night screaming and crying. He got up 4 times and Danny went in each time to lay with him. Sadly, Danny was out the door at 7:30am to work on the house. Not before he changed some diapers though 🙂


Yea, we’re getting rid of our microwave. We haven’t used it very much in our apartment and it takes up way too much room on the counter.


We have a range hood. It is a work in progress because I had an idea. I told Danny about it and showed him some pins on Pinterest and now he’s making something that I think is going to look AMAZING.


I took the kiddos to the farmer’s market to walk around and hopefully get some coffee and a pastry. I wore my flip-flops and was trying to follow the sun trying to warm up my chilly toes.

We got an apple cinnamon scone to share. We found a bench to eat our goodies and people watched.


Damian’s toes must have been chilly too. He was staring at the musicians.


We went back for a second scone. The scone guy also had some fruit in baskets for sale and Damian went to grab an apple and then I told him not to touch. His little hand came down and then an older man also manning the stand took a tiny apple and handed it to him. Damian smiled at him and I think it made this older man’s day. 🙂




We walked across the street from the farmer’s market and an auto club was meeting. We always see this old military helicopter, it seems.


Danny installed some flooring while we were out adventuring.



We stopped by in the evening after naps to pick some plums.


This little girl figured out how to get out of her Bumbo.


That’s our shed.


We got a giant bucket full and went back home.


I put Lali down for bed a little after 7:00pm and Damian and I went outside to draw with some chalk.


Damian wanted me to draw Papa, Nonie, and Ellie May.. oh, and a bunny..


Sunday was full of craziness. Danny took off early again to the house while I stayed home with the kiddos and baked and baked. I had a baby “sprinkle” to attend. It’s what they throw for ladies that already have children and don’t need a full “shower”. Clever. Anyway, it was a bunch of ladies gathered for pie and ice cream and brought a bunch of diapers and wipes, other little gifts, signed up to make meals for after the baby is born, and just mingled and got to know each other. It was really neat.

Danny took care of the babies while I was out and then a some of our friends helped him move our fridge, washer, and dryer. A lot of man muscle was needed. We ended the day with football and pizza. Such a nice weekend.


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