Lali is 9 Months Old!

Where has the time gone? Our little squishy pants is a whole month older! 

She is standing up all the time, has 2 more teeth peeking in(6 total), shakes her head, doesn’t like being alone, sleeping 8 hours at night, and just smiles all around. She is such a character, she shakes in anger when we tell her “no”. I think that will be her first word 😉

We went shopping today! Our friend picked us up and we were off! Boy, it felt nice to shop somewhere other than Walmart.. & Ebay and Amazon. It is nice to see and feel what you are purchasing, I guess I take that for granted. In this town a lot of people buy online. When we go on our walks I see a ton of UPS trucks. 

Haha, I almost got this throw pillow. Danny makes fun of me for being “pumpkin obsessed”. 

Oh our little Lali <3.  I was laughing with her looking in the mirror imagining what she would look like in a few years.. baby slow down, you’re growing up too fast. Your hair is growing in and soon I’ll put a bow on it. It is true what they say, “the days are long but the years are short”. Lali bear, my Lali bear, please stay little, a little while longer. 

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