Barn Door

On Labor Day we went to Home Depot to get some supplies.


Halloween decor is already out! Damian was not one bit frightened.


He was dancing with that bride looking one. Auntie Emy, someone is saving a dance for you! 😉


We came back to the house and Lali napped for a little while in her pack n’play. Damian ran around outside and picked a whole bunch of plums. Then we headed home for nap time.


Oh, & Danny started this over the weekend..

He used original wood that was torn out of the house. There are a lot of good pieces in our demo pile outside. Good for lots of projects.

He worked on it Sunday evening and night and we got to see it on Monday for the first time.

Danny is going to move the handle to be up higher. We are trying to figure out how to have it lock, but also be able to open it from the outside in case of emergencies or if the babies accidentally lock themselves in. I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see it all come together.


Crying baby at my feet.


Baby snuggles before bedtime.


Danny stepped on an old nail as he was getting ready to come home Monday night. It went through his shoe and right into his heel. He went over to the emergency room to get a booster for tetanus. He is doing okay. We think he had some sort of reaction to it because after working on the house yesterday he came home and his arm was swollen where they gave him the shot and his armpit hurt 😦

While he was at the house the kiddos and I went to Goodwill and Wal-Mart. Damian ran all over the store. It was pretty much empty, so I let him. In the below picture he is somewhere in those sweaters. Haha.


Some snacking.


This morning we woke up to rain. I turned on the heaters for a while and put Lali in her walker. She likes to push herself up from the heaters and they get really hot. I didn’t want to take the chance that she burn herself. She is a quick little thing.

The sun is starting to set at around 7:30 around here. The sun is setting earlier and earlier, about 2 minutes every day(I checked). All of our friends are sad that summer is over and it’s so odd to hear. I tell Danny that we too will look forward to Summer one day, and won’t loathe it with a passion anymore.. haha.


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