Plum Picking


When your oldest baby wants to sit with you in the big round chair, you let him. 🙂

labor day 003

It was rainy with thunder and lightning. We walked out to the living room and it was chilly. I thought we had left the windows open, but they were shut.

labor day 024labor day 023labor day 025

Lali was not feeling like herself. 😦

labor day 021

I decided I was going to need some coffee.

labor day 029

labor day 027labor day 028

We needed a fire.

labor day 032

Lots of Vapor rub.

labor day 013

Photos with my babies.

labor day 042labor day 043

Damian asleep, so sweet. He did not sleep well. He woke up a few times crying. Probably because he was congested.

labor day 009labor day 010labor day 011


We got up early to hit the stores. We bought a shed and went out to breakfast.

labor day 051

Damian likes to drink the little bit of cream left in these. Sometimes I leave a little more for him on purpose.

labor day 052

The waitress brought Lali some saltine crackers. I just discovered she has 2 more upper teeth breaking through. They are pointy little things. She hasn’t been drooling, but she was a bit more cranky the last week.

labor day 053labor day 054labor day 055labor day 056labor day 057labor day 058labor day 059

Danny ate really quick and then took off to a massage appointment that I scheduled for him. We went to the farmer’s market to walk around and kill some time while we waited for Danny.

The bike sculpture is right across the street from the farmer’s market. Damian say’s “momma! bike!”

labor day 060labor day 061labor day 062

Then he says, “bye bike!” and runs away.

labor day 063

We took off and the babies fell asleep in the car. I guess that’s what pancakes do to you.

Anyway, then we picked up Danny and headed to Home Depot.

labor day 064labor day 065

We got laminate flooring, paint for the cabinets, a fan for a bedroom, a kitchen sink, a faucet for the sink, stuff for the wall texture, and some paint brushes.

Damian is such a good helper.

labor day 066labor day 067labor day 068

We got home for some lunch and naps.

labor day 070labor day 071

I want to be just like her. Eating cheese on the couch, not caring about what anybody thinks. In a onesie.

labor day 075labor day 076labor day 077labor day 078labor day 079labor day 080labor day 081

The babies didn’t really nap. It was cry city at the apartment. So we walked over to the house to see daddy. It is starting to get chilly. I’m still wearing my flip flops and I think I need to put them away because my toes are cold all the time.

labor day 100

Danny fixed Damian’s chair that was broken for a while and as soon as he did, Damian picked up the chair and took it outside.

labor day 092

Haha.. he started picking plums!

labor day 093labor day 084labor day 094labor day 095labor day 085labor day 096labor day 086labor day 098

He was eating and picking. I think he had four. Some weren’t even ripe. Lali had one. Hers wasn’t quite ripe either, I think she likes sour things.

labor day 087labor day 097labor day 099labor day 088labor day 089

Danny installed our sink, faucet, and a garbage disposal.

labor day 083

Danny has been at the house all day today. We went over to eat breakfast together and Damian picked more plums. Hopefully more house pictures soon!

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