Two Little Sickies

Both my babies are sick! First Lali woke up with a runny nose a few days ago, and then Damian woke up congested from his nap yesterday. 😦

Danny sent me these pictures. He taped the drywall. This was Tuesday night.

splash pad 002

splash pad 003splash pad 004

& this is what he did last night.

14164105_10210171969238414_804477445_o (1)

We have a faucet in the laundry area, and running water!


I was so wiped out yesterday that I told him I would go “mud” the walls if he stayed with the kids. Hahah.. He told me I didn’t know what I was saying.. I guess it’s not called “mudding the walls”.

Anyway, yesterday I decided we were going to go to TWO thrift shops. That is a big deal because usually I say that to myself, “okay, we are going to go here, here, and here.. and pick up this, this, and this..” but after the first place we go to I’m like, “nope, we’re going home!”. Because going out to run errands with two kids is crazy. Yesterday was a success though!

This is the first one we went to. It was a house, turned thrift shop.

splash pad 005

The second one.. this dog likes to visit, I guess. Damian was terrified and hid behind me.

splash pad 006

Damian got to bring home this fire truck toy. He has been learning all about fire trucks and yells, “bombero!” when he sees one. Then, he asks “onta bombero(where is the firetruck)” and “bye bombero” when he realizes it’s gone.

splash pad 007

We walked across the street to get some coffee.

splash pad 008splash pad 009

Look at that corrugated metal decor 😉

splash pad 011

splash pad 012

The kiddos woke up from naps. When I realized Damian was sick too..

splash pad 028splash pad 029splash pad 034splash pad 035splash pad 036splash pad 037splash pad 038splash pad 039

I got the kiddos ready to go to the farmer’s market, because we were out of jelly.

splash pad 040

They have a splash pad and Damian looked too excited, so I let him play in it. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have because he is sick. He had fun though.. maybe the last time it will be hot enough to play in it.

splash pad 041splash pad 042splash pad 043splash pad 045splash pad 046splash pad 047splash pad 048splash pad 049splash pad 050splash pad 051splash pad 053splash pad 052

We are all hanging out eating eggs for breakfast. We might brave another outing this morning before Danny joins us for lunch. It has dropped down to the low 70’s and it’s overcast. There are lots of boogers and sticky noses. Hopefully Danny won’t get it! We all know I won’t 😉 …haha.

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