Tuesday Things

This girl is just wanting to stand all the time.

more house babies 001more house babies 002more house babies 003

We went for our walk and it was windy. High of 86 today.. it didn’t seem that way though. It s supposed to be hot, hot, hot, then drop down in the 60’s next week.

more house babies 008

Fall is coming.

more house babies 009

I can see the leaves starting to turn.

more house babies 010more house babies 013more house babies 024more house babies 014more house babies 025more house babies 015more house babies 026more house babies 016more house babies 027

Pato FINALLY got a wash.. it’s only been 3 months.. he doesn’t look gray anymore.

more house babies 017more house babies 019

Damian was a good helper.

more house babies 020

Chapo cuddles.

more house babies 028more house babies 031

This cat is something else. Damian shakes him up a whole lot and he is just chiiiill. We are super pumped our house is so close to being done. Danny has been working hard non-stop, and it shows. He’s been working about 40 hours a week on top of his regular job and we are so proud of him. He comes home tired but motivated to keep going. What an amazing man I have in my life. What a hard worker. We are so proud of him .<3

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