It’s Coming Together!

Sooooo… Saturday, our friends came over and spent all morning helping us clean out the backyard.

Before, we were not able to drive through the back. One time out on my walk I tried to cross through with the stroller and I couldn’t. But now it’s clear!

kitchen 030kitchen 031

I made Taco Bell like wraps for dinner Saturday.

kitchen 032kitchen 033

There was a fire somewhere and it made town all hazy.

kitchen 035

We went to pick up a stove..

kitchen 036

Voila! Danny hung all the cabinets. I think one is still missing though.

kitchen 037

The fridge will go in that empty space by the stove.

kitchen 038

View from the bathroom.

kitchen 040

View towards the living room.

kitchen 041kitchen 042

Oh, and more pictures of our clean backyard 🙂

kitchen 043

Look at all those trees!

kitchen 044

It turns out, they are plum trees. We have more than 12 plum trees back there. That is A TON. I can’t believe I didn’t know what they were. Our friends told us! In my defense, they don’t look like the plums you get at the store. Oh, and they were green for a long time.

kitchen 045kitchen 046kitchen 047kitchen 048kitchen 049kitchen 050kitchen 051

Lazy Susan, yessssssss.

kitchen 052kitchen 053kitchen 054

Last but not least.. our laundry area cabinets 🙂

kitchen 055

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