Surprise Half Day

Yesterday we skipped our walk and Danny got home at 11:00AM and had the rest of the day off! BEST. DAY. EVER. We went to lunch and then to Home Depot. Afterwards, he was off to work on the house while the babies napped.

Danny and I were talking about the mountains and how they look further than they really are in the pictures. They are right there you guys.

tuesday wednesday 001

Damian took off like he had a fire up his butt. Running around as fast as he could up and down the isles.

tuesday wednesday 002tuesday wednesday 003

She is looking at her new tooth that just popped through.

tuesday wednesday 004tuesday wednesday 006

After naps and dinner we walked over to the house. The clouds came and it was sooo windy, but it didn’t rain.

tuesday wednesday 008

This morning. She loves it.

tuesday wednesday 009tuesday wednesday 010

We did go on our walk this morning and stopped by the store. We always walk by anyway so it wasn’t out of the way.

This is me inside the store. Haha.

wednesday 003
This is my favorite street. We walk down it on the way back. It is one of the wider streets but look at those trees. They are gigantic.

tuesday wednesday 013

We have a bedroom door!

And Danny finished the ceiling in the kitchen/living room area. 🙂

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