Baby Toes Are The Best

We are 4 out of 7 this week for morning walks! This was yesterday..

Damian was making Lali laugh and laugh by stealing her hat and playing peek-a-boo.

poop bik4 013poop bik4 012poop bik4 011poop bik4 018poop bik4 017

QCT. Quality.Cat.Time.

poop bik4 021

Oh, and he helped with the laundry.

poop bik4 008

Last night Danny was at the house again and got a lot done. He turned on the water and everything worked perfect! WOOO! Go Danny ❤

friday 018

Water lines.

friday 017

friday 016friday 015

Sink in the bathroom.

friday 014friday 013


These shorts are soo cute! Oh, I don’t think I have mentioned we have a crawler now!! As of a few days ago. She is mobile. When Danny gets home she gets really excited and crawls over to him, it’s really sweet. Daddy’s girl.

Ha, she’s on her tippy toes. She crawled over and I helped her stand.

friday 002friday 001

I set Damian up with a Larabar and we were off.

friday 005friday 008friday 009

It is soooooo windy this morning that I went back after about a block to get Damian a sweater.

Look at those baby toes 🙂

friday 011

friday 012

We are so happy it’s Friday, it’s been a perfect morning! Lali is down for her nap and we are hanging out, playing until she wakes up. Then, we will pick up daddy for lunch. Fall is coming, all this wind is getting me excited for pumpkin everything!

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