Tuesday Happenings & House Layout

This was yesterday morning. The kiddos had eggs for breakfast.

tuesday 003tuesday 004tuesday 005tuesday 006

Citlali goes to any piece of furniture she can and grabs on trying to pull herself up. She has not been successful yet.

tuesday 007tuesday 008

Pre-lunch activities. Damian watching a bunny show I put on for him(in Spanish).

tuesday 009tuesday 010

After dinner activities, cuddling with the cat and watching a movie with momma. He has been picking up a lot of words. I read somewhere that 2 year olds learn 5 new words a day. I can say that is definitely true. He is putting together sentences left and right.



Danny went over to work on the house right after dinner. He sent me this picture. He finished the whole wall in the kitchen.


Oh, and this is the layout of the house if anyone was wondering(without the ad-on bedroom).


This kitchen is not set in stone. We are thinking a peninsula but might just go without it and put in a permanent OR movable island. We are also thinking of swapping out the fridge to where the peninsula is if we don’t put it in.  The space is so small, I have no idea where I would put our kitchen table. Oh, and the windows in the living room are much bigger than in the drawing. This is a sketch(that Danny made) off the original windows in the house.


This is of all the electrical.


We just got back from our walk today and Lali bear is asleep and we are just hanging out. Soon to start cleaning and doing laundry(nooooooooooooooooooo!). 🙂 Happy hump day!



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