Weekend Photos & Daddy’s Hard Work



summer photos 040summer photos 039summer photos 043summer photos 104summer photos 103summer photos 102


summer photos 063

Chapo strikes again! It was nap time for everyone and I realized the cat was not in the living room and I checked on Lali and there he was!

summer photos 062summer photos 061

His bell woke her up soon after. Oh, yea. She likes giving herself kisses on the mirror. She thinks her reflection is hilarious. I caught her giggling at herself.

summer photos 065

Spaghetti for dinner.

summer photos 055summer photos 056summer photos 057summer photos 055

Damian got his new snow boots in the mail. We are preparing for winter. I won these on eBay for $3 + shipping. Score! He loves them. He stomped around in them for a bit.

summer photos 046summer photos 049summer photos 048summer photos 050

summer photos 047


After church we went to lunch.

summer photos 071summer photos 072

Lali skipper her morning nap and snoozed through most of lunch.

summer photos 073

After afternoon naps we walked out to the house to see daddy’s progress. Also, to bring him water and a Popsicle.

summer photos 078

Look at all that drywall.

summer photos 079summer photos 080summer photos 081summer photos 082summer photos 083summer photos 084

There is our dishwasher in our bathroom 🙂

summer photos 085

All of that insulation.

summer photos 086

Our new and improved front door!

summer photos 087summer photos 088

Danny found Damian’s hammer. He hammered some nails in. 🙂

summer photos 089summer photos 090summer photos 091summer photos 092summer photos 093summer photos 094

We love our daddy. He’s been putting a lot of hours into our house. ❤ We are so spoiled by all his skills and hours put in ❤

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