We Have A Wall

Yesterday’s shananigans… 

This was right before bed. I haven’t done laundry yet(big surprise) and I picked out Lali’s jammies from the closet.. Her tia Lily gave them to her and they are sized for 12 months! 😅 I weighed her last night and she 19 pounds.. I think that is a 2 pound weight gain from last month. The jammies are a bit long but they sort of fit..

I put Damian’s jammies on at 7:00PM and her wanted to go to bed right away! Haha.. I told him it was not bed time yet and he had to wait. 

I told you she likes to bite.

This was this morning.

Lali kept peeking over at me while I did some dishes. We woke up to rain this morning(again)! We skipped our walk but we might still go before lunch if Lali wakes up in time.

On Monday Danny picked up some drywall..

Last night he got some up!

We have a wall!! Danny is very excited that the electricians are fiiinally done. They took longer than expected.

Happy hump day!

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