Lali Is 8 Months Old Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 8 months baby girl!

Citlali loves: nectarines, cheese,pasta, baby puffs, smiling, jumping up and down, eating at the table, walks around town, & watching her big bro play 🙂 Lali has her upper right tooth coming in and it broke through a couple of days ago! She loves attacking our bodies when she is hungry(arms, thighs, etc).. she just tried chicken today and LOVED it!  She is such a squishy little girl! I didn’t weigh her today because I forgot, but I will tomorrow(if I remember). She just started pulling herself up.. not quite crawling yet, but sOooo close I can feel it. She does crawl backwards into a sit position a lot though..

pics 391

Don’t worry…mixed prints are in right now..

pics 392pics 393pics 394pics 382pics 383pics 384pics 385pics 386pics 387pics 389pics 390pics 381

Lali woke up at around 6:30AM today.. we were out for our walk at 8:20ish. Oh, yea.. we take the cat on our walks. Damian puts him in his carrier and makes sure I don’t forget him. Chapo likes to sleep in the carrier.

pics 396pics 397

She couldn’t wait ’til we got home.. she knocked out! 2 miles was too much, or momma was too slow..

pics 398pics 399

She didn’t nap when we got back.. so, we ran errands.. but she did nap in the afternoon… a LONG nap.. She went down at 1:45PM and woke up at 4:30.. the cat joined her.. I normally don’t let him in the room because he ALWAYS wants to jump in the crib and ends up waking her up.. but this time, he snuck in quietly and joined her on her nap. I think he loves her..

pics 400

This bed sheet makes me dizzy.. really..

pics 401pics 404pics 406pics 407

Post dinner activities… watching bunny shows on Netflix.. and cuddles with Chapo.

pics 408pics 409

Happy Monday! We are watching the Olympics and getting ready for bed. These games are intense!


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