Too Many Days Have Passed

When the days get away from you, it’s hard to sort all the pictures. Here are some from this week!

Off on another walk, we cut across a park. Damian asked to get on the slide and I said ok. Lali is hanging out in the stroller with Chapo.


We got home to put Lali down for her morning nap and he was playing and found these glasses. I helped put them on and he was silent. Then he said, “” and he ran to get his tricycle and rode around with his sunglasses on.


That’s Lali’s basket of baby toys. I upgraded her to the Christmas pants. They are so cute and look super comfy. I think they are from the GAP.


It was cold on Wednesday.. it didn’t rain, but it sure looked like it was going to. I had a sweater on in the apartment and had some hot tea.


We noticed this on Damian’s foot.. 😦


This must have been Thursday..I think.


Lali sits up in her crib and hold on to the rails now.


We’re going to lower the matress soon.


Oh, and she accidentally does the splits and SCREAMS.. so I run over and free her..


Damian likes giving Chapo rides.



🙂 we all got up early today and played and ran around while I made some cinnamon rolls(packaged). Lali almost crawled.

kids chapolali crawlchapo bikeOn our morning walk, we saw the tiny house had been re-positioned on the lot and a “For Sale” sign had been put up. Anyone want to buy a tiny house??


And there is our tiny house. Our big tiny house.


Pre-nap play..


When Damian goes to nap, he says bye to all mommy, Lali, Chapo, and most of his toys. “noches troca, noches moto, noches horsies, noches toys…”. It is really cute. If he sees something he will say bye or goodnight to it.


Kisses for Lali because he’s going to bed..


….Aaaand Lulu bear right before her nap.


We were mid nap when we were invited out to the lake with some of our friends and their parents!. We accepted and picked up Danny when he got out of work. We just got home about an hour ago. We had a blast. The temperature was about 90 degrees. It felt really nice.. it was breezy so it didn’t feel 90, it felt maybe 80’s.  Will post pictures tomorrow! 🙂 Happy Friday everyone.



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