Sunshine on the Lake

Today we woke up to RAIN! It was super dark when Lali got up this morning so I figured it was still early. I was wrong. It was already 8:40AM.. no wonder when I put her back down she didn’t fall asleep.. It is 10:12AM now and she is down(late) for her morning nap. Oh well, Isn’t that how Saturdays go.

Here are some pics from yesterday on the boat.


Lali is wearing her bikini, that by the way is sized 18 months under her overalls. This was taken right after we all hopped into the lake. No wonder my hair is all frizzy. The little  babies didn’t get in. Look at her rolls! 😀


Damian was the captain of the boat. Haha, he rode up front with daddy.


We docked at a restaurant and ate cheeseburgers and salads. It was really neat, we sat upstairs which we had all to ourselves. The little boys ran up and down as fast as they could multiple times. It was so much fun, we might have to get a boat soon 😉


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