More Babies & More House Pictures

We finally found a fruit Lali likes, nectarines!


I told Damian he could have 3 chocolate chips when he finishes his lunch. CHOMP.CHOMP.CHOMP. He stuffed his mouth so fast! He also likes to count them: uno, dos, tres..


After Lali went to sleep Damian climbed up on the round chair with me and had me draw him a boat. I drew him a boat once and that is all he ever asks me to draw him anymore.


I just like the cuddles though:)


We walked over to the house a few times over the weekend.


There is something so peaceful about the backyard.


Danny hard at work..


More outside time..


There’s daddy <3. The electician is coming today and hopefully they can rewire the whole house by the Friday..


Damian helped push Lali home.


Yesterday morning before lunch. Lali rolls into the sitting position so fast. I haven’t really caught her doing it. I put her on her tummy and next thing you know she is sitting up!


Morning naps 🙂 I finally put her bumpers in. She was getting stuck all.the.time.


She tried broccoli, she was a fan.

thumbnail_IMG_6548thumbnail_IMG_6548 (1)thumbnail_IMG_6549

It is almost lunch time and daddy will be home soon!

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