Yay It’s Saturday!

Some pictures from the last few days…

Damian at his table with his horses.


Lali isn’t crawling yet, but almost. She rolls into the sitting position and then flops right over. Sometimes face plant, but she thinks it funny.


On one of our morning walks.


This is a cute little tiny house in our town. It is out in a corner lot. Makes our house look gigantic. Danny was just telling me that our house was not actually 688 square feet. Someone calculated it wrong and it is more like 500 and some square feet.



Lali is wearing hats lately because she has no hair and I would feel horrible if she got a sunburn on her head during our walks.


There she is! 🙂


One morning I saw a squirrel walking across a cable wire and I pointed it out to Damian, I said, “Damian, mira una ardilla!(Damian, look a squirrel!)” and he looked and stared for a while and finally said, “wow… momma, wow.” I just about died laughing. The whole way home that is all he said, “momma.. dilla.. wow”.


I saw Damian sweeping the kitchen and it made me so happy, I started to vacuum and let him help with that too.


Can we go back in time to when the apartment clean 2 days ago..


Another morning walk..


Cuddles with momma, that doesn’t happen very often.


Oh, and jumping on the “bed”. Lali rolled off the matress and sat up in the corner and started chewing on all of the shoes.


Oh, and here she is doing the splits. I thought she was going to start crying eventually but she also thought it was funny to be stuck like that. ❤


We had eggs and pancakes this morning and we already burned off most of them. Danny went off to work on the house and Lali is down for her morning nap. When she wakes up, we are planning to cruise around the neighborhoods for some yard sales.

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