Weekend Picture Overload & Monday Madness


We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. I got tacos.


Lali bear was propped up on the table in her car seat. She got angry once she saw us eating. I gave her some rice and she calmed down.


Damian’s favorite spot in the booth(he likes to people watch). & his favorite, ketchup.

Damian ketchupcrazy face lali

We walked right around the corner to the farmer’s market. Damian was memorized by the musicians.

band playingDamian holding momma

flowersmore flowere farmers market

The only reason we walked over to the market was because I really wanted a brownie. I got this gluten-free brownie. It was not intentional, it was just the closest stand before we left(and I didn’t want to walk all the way around to the first stand we saw that had brownies). I think it would have tasted better if it did have gluten in it. It didn’t taste as good as I had hoped.

gf brownie

After I got my brownie, we went to Home Depot. Danny got a lot of materials.


lali kangaroo

What?! I do what I want.

damian mustache

I can draw a mustache on my child if I want to… let’s just say that it was over an hour we spent at my least favorite store Home Depot and I was trying really, really hard not to complain and I was also worried Damian was going to fall asleep in the car instead of at home.. it was already nap time. So I entertained myself and Damian by drawing dogs and cats on a notebook and then a mustache on his face..


Danny snapped these pictures while he worked on the house. He did the framing for the living room windows.

living room windowframed windowhole for window living room


window inwindow in diff anflw


After church, we got Lali’s walker out of storage.

Lali walker

hello hunny

We also went to Goodwill and Damian found this tricycle! He hopped on and rode it after us the entire time. Daddy said he could have it, so we brought it home. It is his new favorite toy. He says goodnight to it. Soooo cute.

damians motoso happy moto

moto happuyLali remote

After the babies took naps Danny suggested we walk into town for dinner and ice cream, so that is what we did!

our walkDanny pushing the kiddosLake outletpretty

That is Lali’s, “that’s cold” face.

lali cold waterlu italianlu bunny

Lali seatingLAli wants the water

Damian was huuuungry. He shared half of my Caesar salad with me. I have never seen that boy eat salad so fast, and ask for more. He called it pasta though. Because momma said we were having pasta for dinner.

damian eating saladmm saladall done salad

It was so sweet watching Danny feed Lali.

daddy feeding lulu

We got some ice cream. A scoop of vanilla and a double scoop huckleberry. Huckleberry was surprisingly good. I didn’t have really high hopes for it. I think because everyone is so huckleberry crazy up here, I kind of don’t get it. We tried some and they were good, just not out of this world good. Normal good I guess?

ice cream treat

Lali was having a crazy happy moment. When she just laughs because she is so happy and we don’t know why. I was playing peek-a-boo with her, maybe that was why. 🙂

peek a boo laliLali so happyLali in strollersilly luDamian cruising

Yea, they don’t do that where we came from..

satellite on tree

We walked a little over 3 miles total, to and from downtown. It was a great walk, we put the kiddos to bed right when we got home.


Chapo joined Damian outside while Lali napped.

chapo on grassDamian swingDamian moto sanddamian chapo playgroundsand play

That is the chillest cat ever. He goes limp when Damian picks him up. He picks him up A LOT(anywhere and everywhere).

Damian chapo moto

Oh yea, and this. THIS. While the babies napped I was determined to do all of the laundry, okay most of it. I got a head start on Sunday, I did two loads of the kid’s clothes. Oh, and see that dresser. We picked that up for all of the kids clothes that we can’t hang in the closet(pants, shorts, etc). The clothes mess isn’t just clothes I washed, it is also the kid’s clothes(that was clean) that has been in a giant box that I ruffle through to find things. I LOVE this dresser, because now I don’t have little person clothes mess stress.

LAundry disasterunderwearLaundry on couchLali naked walker

Yea, the clothes was everywhere. I did about 8 loads of laundry. I put it all away too! 🙂 I got into a bit of a cleaning frenzy. It reminded me of my nesting days.

Happy Lali walkerCahpo

Don’t worry, the apartment is clean now.

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