Friday Things

Friday it was thunder storming pretty much all day.

We went for our morning walk. It didn’t rain until we got back to the apartment.

street viewf

Wolfi started barking at this bear statue.

wolfi barking at statues

There are the boos. Lali was starting to drift off when I took this picture.


She was definitely asleep when we got back though! She is soo sweet when she sleeps. Danny and I love to look at her when she falls asleep in the car(we have a mirror we can see her through).

asleep lusleepy bear

Damian in his Christmas pants, haha. 🙂

one oyt

We went to a play date with a bunch of mommies right after(sorry no pics). The kiddos were pretty worn out and fell asleep in the car! A mom’s worst nightmare(..haha, nooo.. but kind of). I felt defeated. So instead of driving home, I went to Starbucks! A Venti latte for this momma, because I was sure Damian was not going to nap anymore.


Even though I knew he was surely not to nap, I put Damian in his room for quiet time. Lali is still little enough that she can go back to sleep so she did.

I let Damian out after about 2 hours and Lali was up soon after. Rainy day play. I know it’s a mess, but I didn’t care.

messy roommore messy roomliving room

I went out with Wolfi so she could do her business and when I went back I picked up my latte to find it a lot lighter than when I last took a sip. I looked around and didn’t see any wet spots but the lid had a bunch of coffee all over it. I looked at Damian and I think he tried to take a sip because it was all down his shirt and on his sweater. I don’t even know if he got any in his mouth. It is kind of funny now that I think about it. I wish I could have seen what I can only imagine was panic as he tried to drink itreally fast before I got back, just to have it spill all over the place. Hahaha.

Anyway, you can barely see in the picture his coffee stained shirt.

damian cofee staincoffee staincarrying chapoDamian loves chapocarrying

It was about an hour before daddy got home from work and everyone was getting crazy.  We went for another walk to kill some time and keep the babies and the dog busy.

mountainrain is coming

It started pouring..

rain has come

I had a rain jacket and some yoga pants on. My pants were drenched.

we're wet

It was about a mile and a half walk. Bringing up our total miles for the day to 3.5 miles.

morning walk

I got my bridesmaid dress in the mail. I typed it in and it re-directed me to, ha.


Danny gave Damian a bug he found while he was heading out with him. Thank goodness it was him because I would have just squished it.

DAmians bugmore bug


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