Wednesday Happenings

Wednesday morning we went on another walk. I feel like I’m going to have a farmer’s tan..haha. Some guy yelled out to me, “that’s a nice dog!”. I said, “thank you!” but then I whispered to Wolfi, “..but I still hate you..”. Haha..she just annoys me. Guess what we woke up to today?? Diarrhea. Yep, it was oozing out of her crate.. so I took her out and she was just diarrhea spraying all over the grass, of our apartment. Isn’t that a nice picture? Anyway, I put on my yellow gloves and cleaned her crate. Back to yesterday..

walking new stroller

Lali bear’s brand new onesie!


Damian pre-mess..sort of. I was looking at this picture and thinking, if our floor wasn’t carpet it wouldn’t look as messy. Something about carpet makes things look messy to me. Especially this old dated carpet in our apartment. I am looking forward to non-carpet floors and a nice accent area rug for the living room when we move into our house.

thumbnail_IMG_6287 (1)thumbnail_IMG_6290thumbnail_IMG_6288

Chapo likes running around with the kids in the morning.


When the babies took their naps I brought Wolfi out to the living room so she and Chapo could make peace. Well, it didn’t happen. Chapo had a hard-core stare down. He did inch closer to us on the couch though. I was afraid I was going to be in the middle of a scratch attack.


More smiley Lali(because I can) 🙂


If you are wondering why I have that orange Home Depot “tool box” it’s because that’s Damian’s seat. He sits on it sometimes when he has a snack or he’s playing on the table.


..and all the photos from my phone because -> memories. Even if it’s of the same moment in 2 second intervals.


I am preparing myself to go on another walk this morning. I am determined to turn this day around. Hopefully Wolfi feels better. Happy Thursday morning, everyone!  It is 61 degrees out but it will be 88 degrees today. What a nice summer..


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