Tuesdays Are Second Mondays

Last night we got our new stroller/bike trailer combo. Danny put it together and took the kiddos to the library last night. I decided to take it out this morning. I went out around 9:30AM and it was toasty. It was probably like 70 degrees. We went on a 2.36 mile(according to mapmyrun) brisk walk. I didn’t let Lali nap earlier so she got cranky and started crying. Next time I will time it better with naps so that she is a happy camper.

walking new stroller

This is a tank of a stroller but it felt nice to have two kiddos in there and not be wearing one. Don’t get me wrong, I love carrying my Lali boo, but it gets tiring.. she’s heavy. It was a nice walk.

wolfiwstreet viewkiddos in stroller

I nursed her as soon as we got back and put her in her crib. She fell right asleep. I love it when she sleeps like that with her butt in the air. 🙂

Lali asleepbrownoutfitcute and stuck

Damian and I read before lunch. He points at all the things in his book and I name them all.

DAmian readinf

After his nap. Introducing, El Chapo. Damian’s new best friend. He carries him around everywhere and doesn’t struggle or scratch or anything. He’s been a good cat so far, we’ve had him a whole week now.


He was giving Pato a ride on his back.



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