Weekend Highlights & Baby Poop

I sent this to Danny last night 🙂 . I steal his food all of the time. That’s one of the perks of being married, right?  To steal share food??

hubby funny

On Saturday we got up early for a mud run with friends. We drove about an hour out for the event. It was kind of overcast and around 60 degrees. Nice day to run through mud and get wet on purpose. I am not in shape at all. So, this was interesting. To say the least. It was a 3K, I believe(with obstacles). Let me tell you, I nearly died. Haha, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.. I guess. It was hard extremely difficult. Let me tell you why. The altitude hit me like a ton of bricks. I think we may have been less than a mile in and my chest felt compressed and I got a pounding headache. I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. To go from 400 feet above sea level to almost 2,200 feet, whoa! It’s killer.


Good thing this picture is blurry because you can’t see the pain in my face.


Danny could see that I was huffing and puffing(so embarrassing, this was supposed to be 2 miles, easy peasy!!) and he held out his hand for me to hold for support. He was my cheerleader(man leader? haha, you get it). We ran holding hands most of the race.




Sunday we woke up sore as could be but Danny still went out to do work on the house. He did lots after we got home from the race too, what a man, that one! ❤ He did a lot more demo. You can see the high slanted ceilings in the bathroom/bedroom. Here he framed in the bedroom door. It will be in the corner instead of the middle of the wall.


Closer picture of the bedroom.

otherfront door view

Same frame for the door, taken from a different angle. From inside the room.

framed door

Here you can see he framed in the bathroom door as well. Danny moved this over to the left some.  I would really like a barn door for the bathroom/laundry room. We are looking into that though.

new frames for both doorsdoorbrand new framing

This morning, we woke up grumpy. I love these jamies :). We got them yesterday and they are EVERYTHING. She was outgrowing her other ones and it was time for new ones.

crying lalijamiesmore jamies


Damian car shirt

For lunch we had tacos! Lali upgraded to the red chair. She had tacos too. Cheese, meat, avocado. We did have a little choking scare, praise the Lord for those gagging reflexes(and upside down baby pats)!


Damian likes tacos sour cream. By the spoon full. Gross.

ohhh Damian

I got Lali’s outfit on clearance for $2! Score..


I think this place mat confused Lali, she kept trying to grab at things that weren’t food.


I cut a pool noodle and put it on the table so Lali wouldn’t bunk herself.

eating noodlelashesscloseup

I nursed Lali after her little lunch and she gave me quite the surprise half way through. NOoooOoo, say it isn’t so!!! Her brand new little outfit! Isn’t that how it always goes though??


Pooping makes babies happy.

superman poop

I cleaned Lali up and immediately washed her outfit in the sink with some dish soap. It was like magic, took the poop right off. Happy Monday everyone!

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