Lali Loves Spaghetti

Yesterday we took a trip to the Dollar Tree! I got another cup for Citlali since she does so well with straws. Damian has a blue one. It has a lid and it has a little piece of flexible straw stuck at the top and a harder straw at the bottom. She loves drinking water. Damian was giving her water while I was making dinner. I just hear giggling and I have to peek. Earlier in the day he thought it was HILARIOUS to cover her with a blanket while I was getting dressed. I told him it was a big no-no.

lali spaghetti 039

Lali notices when we are getting ready to sit at the table. She cries if we leave her in the living room by herself and as soon as she sees us coming to get her she kicks and smiles, and squirms all around.

I put some noodles on her tray and she went to town on them.

lali spaghetti 040lali spaghetti 041lali spaghetti 042

Damian’s favorite..

lali spaghetti 043lali spaghetti 044lali spaghetti 045

Danny’s “why are you taking pictures of me” face.

danny spaghetti


Damian and I shared a bagel this morning. Lali bear is asleep. He is playing with his horsies. He just stopped and said, “poop, poop” and held his butt. I asked him, “honey tienes poop?”. He farted, grunted.. and then said, “no poop”. Well, I have checked and that was more than a fart folks. I guess there was a grunt for a reason. Time to get back to work..


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