Weekend Demo

Saturday and Sunday we walked over to see Danny’s progress on the house. It is about 4 blocks away. Wolfi is doing a lot better on the leash, she likes to go right beside the stroller. That is better than trying to hop on the basket. She also doesn’t go crazy when other dogs go up to the fence and start trying to break through flimsy fences, which is what happened. There was a big humongous German Sheppard that had its gigantic head through the fence barking at us on our way there. I guess now we know what house not to walk really close to.

house pics 001

We also hung out by the fire. šŸ˜‰ It was rainy all weekend and even today. I had to have a fire! Haha, it’s on Netflix, it makes real fire noises and everything.

house pics 003

Danny worked really hard on the house all weekend. He made a lot of progress. Demo pile.

house pics 004

Tore down the wall between the bathroom and official bedroom. He also replaced some of the plumbing.

house pics 005

He took out the water heater. He discovered that he can raise the ceilings in both the bathroom and the bedroom. That ceiling will go as soon as Danny finishes the replacing the floor.

house pics 006house pics 007plumbiv'

This is a photo from the entryway. The bathroom to the left and the bedroom to the right. We have to tear out all the walls for all new electrical throughout the house and for insulation.


Bathroom before..


Bathroom after..


New plumbing..


& my Lali bear <3.


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