Citlali is 7 Months Old(Yesterday)

I tried to post this last night, but our internet crashes HARD at night. It takes a long time to upload the pictures because uploading takes up our whole internet power, and it’s during peak hours, so it makes it even worse.

ANYWAY, here is Lali yesterday when she woke up. 🙂 Seven months old, and rocking it! Her favorite things are: reaching and grabbing for everything in sight, putting everything in her mouth, water, peek-a-boo, Wolfi, reaching out to be picked up, the Bumbo, chewing on her fingers, sitting with us at the table, wind(she giggles when the wind hits her face), blowing raspberries, and touching our faces :). She has two teeth and her hair is growing in. She weighs a little bit over 17 pounds. She sits up with assistance and then falls over shortly after. She is getting ready to crawl, she gets up on her knees and swings back and forth. She spins on her tummy a full 360. She smiles as soon as she sees you looking.

1lali7months lali7monthslali7monthslalii27monthslali37monthslali32

Yesterday, I got the kiddos ready to go to the store. They were all ready and Damian wanted some kisses from Lali.


I squeezed her into this outfit. I didn’t realize it didn’t fit anymore. It was raining though and it was the first thing I saw. I’m going to have to retire it, sadly. It is one of my favorites.


Going to the store with two babies when it’s raining is a lot of work. I sat in the car for a while making a game plan. It was hard enough getting them out of the apartment and into the car. It was like Damian didn’t know what rain was. I was carrying Citlali and heading towards the car and Damian stood in the rain with his arms out yelling, “wawa, wawa, wawa!”

rain at walmart

It was not so bad I guess. Lali fell asleep on the way back.

Lali asleep

Damian went down for his nap and Lali had some tummy time until it was her nap time.

tummy time for lalicloud outfit

This is how Lali naps.

nap timelali

Then there’s Damian…

friday 062

damian squat

Lali tried avocado yesterday. Hated it. She also tried drinking water out of a straw and LOVED it, she’s a pro. She was getting angry when Danny wouldn’t let her touch/hold the straw.

friday 066friday 067friday 068friday 069friday 070friday 071

Damian gets sad when Lali cries.

friday 072friday 073

Then it was playtime on the floor. Do you see how Damian surrounds Lali with all his toys?? They were laughing about something.

friday 064friday 065

Danny took Damian on a bike ride and Lali and I hung out. She was getting crazy, so she went down to sleep earlier than usual.

This morning I slept in A LOT. Danny headed out to the house to work on the bathroom. We might head over in the stroller, it is about 4 blocks from here. We shall see, it is a bit rainy today too. Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂

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