Thursday Things

My little Lali bear sat in her Bumbo while I was making dinner.


Albondigas! This is one of Danny’s favorite meals(or so he tells me). It is a Mexican meatball soup. It’s meatballs(ground beef, and egg, and rice), noodles(usually the Mexican ones, but I couldn’t find them at the grocery store. I’ll try Wal-Mart next time), and potatoes. It is tomato based. It is super yummy. It was a semi-overcast day so it was perfect. I had never made this for Danny before Damian was born(because I didn’t think he’d care for it, honestly). My mom made it for us to help out one day, us being first time parents and all.. and he LOVED it! So now I make it every so often. Anyway, we top it off with cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Mmmm…


There is my little companion.

lali bumbo

Damian woke up soon after and played with his toys. He always asks me to put his fence together.

Damian playyy

He was yelling and blowing kisses at Wolfi, who was outside.

yelling boy

After I finished making dinner, I met up with Danny at the house. I got to see the gutted bathroom.

danny walking on floor

Danny showed me how easily the floor collapsed.


We went to pick up a dishwasher someone was selling(for the house) and then we went home to have dinner. Afterwards we went for a walk.


Haha.. Damian heard a helicopter. He was pointing at the direction it went.


This was Lali’s first time in the stroller(without her car seat). I am looking into selling it and getting a double jogging stroller. Maybe a triple 😉 haha.. nooo. Since I have been shopping around I have seen a six seater! WHAT! Anyway, I would like to get a used one, but there is very little inventory here.. small town living. I have also considered those bike trailer/stroller combo. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


We heard the train coming and wanted Damian to see. Sadly, the train went another direction.

train waitLali stroller

Our walk back. Danny got Damian a stick so he could hit it against the fence. He LOVED that.

wlaking back

We got home, changed some dirty diapers and put the babies to bed. Yay for tomorrow, FRIDAY!!!!

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