It’s Raining!

We woke up to rain today! πŸ™‚ It was way more overcast this morning, we couldn’t even see the mountain. The sun came out for a little bit but the skies are grey again.

more house 059

Damian helped me with the dishes again this morning. Can you tell he helped put some dishes away? πŸ™‚ That white thing is supposed to stay in the sink to put clean dishes that don’t fit on the dish rack.

more house 058

Lali had some apple sauce, she is not a fan.

more house 057

Wolfi making a mess of the pool noodles.

more house 056more house 055

Damian wants to be just like Lali. He puts all her toys in his mouth.

more house 054more house 053more house 052more house 051

I am sipping on some coffee and we are anxious to see daddy at lunch. None of the babies were awake when he left.

Oh, yesterday Danny tore out some of the bathroom at the house. It was a disaster. We are not keeping the claw foot tub. There is a lot of water damage. Pictures to come.

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