More House Pictures

Damian stacked all his blocks on the heater.

Damian blocksmore blocks

Lali’s signature move- the superman.

Lali superman

This is a Panoramic photo I took with my iPhone. It looks kind of weird, but it’s of the whole main area of the house. I started at the corner where the window is and the far wall is the kitchen. It ends at the fridge, because Danny moved it.

panoramuc of the house

The kitchen.

torn kitchen

That is the window that goes above the sink, which we are keeping in the same spot.

kitchen living room

Another view of the kitchen, and the second bedroom.

more kitchen

The living room. That white thing is the fridge.

living room torn

Damian is learning to put his hands on the car while we get Lali out, etc.

Damian hand door

This is a picture from last night. We let Damian stay up until 10:00pm to watch the fireworks. He slept in today ’til 9:30 by the way.

Damian 4th july

We are finalizing some details for the house. Flooring, cabinet placement. We are getting an electrician in soon. Lots of things going on!


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