Long Weekend, Happy Independence Day!

On Saturday, we went to a horse/motorcycle show at the fairgrounds. It was horses and motorcycles racing! We put Damian’s cowboys boots on to hit the show.

Damian ready rodeomore damianlulu beanbikesbikesmotsoarenaDanny lali carrier

Two of Damian’s favorite things, motorcycles and horses. He had a blast, we all did.

damian bull dog shiet

Yesterday(Sunday), I gave the boys haircuts.

Danny hair cutDanny before

This morning, we headed out to the 4th of July parade! It was kind of chilly. We stuck around long enough to see some horses and then we left. I headed home to make Damian lunch and Danny headed over to the house to do some more work.

ParadeDanny kiddos paradebabies danny11danny kisses lali

Lali Lulu is working on sitting up. She still falls over quite a bit. It’s hard being so chunky.

lulu muffinlali headband

After lunch, Lali fell asleep and Damian and I headed outside to play in the sand. It was soo windy. It is about 65 degrees.


Damian playgroundplay

Damian lickingSAnd

Damian went down for his nap soon after and then Lali woke up(I know, I don’t get a break..haha). Sometimes they do sleep at the same time. Once I have her on solids she will nap with him. I gave her grapes yesterday, she did not like them. I will try avocados or peas next time.

Lali back

lali teethingmore teethingyeeth teeth teeth

Danny sent me a photo of his progress. He’s got most of that wall gone!


As soon as the babies wake up, we are heading over.

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