House Photos

Yesterday after Damian woke up from his nap, he wanted to watch Bambi. I told him no. When I went to check on him he was sitting on his mattress quietly holding the movie, opened. I walked in and he just looked at me and stared. I brought out his Playmobil(We put it away because he likes to give them to Citlali). He got so happy and immediately got into a trance. He was determined to put them all in a row.

house mountain 096house mountain 097

Then we packed all of them up, ordered a pizza and headed to our new house!

This is the front door. If you can see there are two red parallel walls. We are planning to knock out the one separating the kitchen from the living room.

house mountain 098

This is the wall opposite of the separating wall.

house mountain 099

That’s the wall we’re taking out. That heater is going to go too.

house mountain 100

Passage to the kitchen.

house mountain 101house mountain 102

That door is to the first bedroom, right off the living room.

house mountain 103house mountain 104

Inside the bedroom. It’s small.

house mountain 105

I took this picture from the opposite side of the room.

house mountain 106house mountain 107

Add on storage. We are going to use it for the time being.

house mountain 109

This kitchen is bigger than it looks. I think its wider than the living room.

house mountain 110house mountain 111

This is where they had the dryer in the corner of the kitchen.

house mountain 113

This is the door to the bathroom. On the left hand side is where the corner for the dryer is.

house mountain 114

This is the bigger bedroom that is right off the kitchen and has a door that leads to the backyard. This is technically not added to the square footage of the house (688 square feet, I believe). It’s not added because it is not to code or something like that. It is not on a foundation like the rest of the house. It has a very trailer home like feel to it. If you jump in there, the room shakes.

They were using that rod to put clothes on. Corner closet.

house mountain 115

That’s the door leading to the backyard.

house mountain 116

Nice little porch.

house mountain 118

Back of the house.

house mountain 119

Our yard.

house mountain 120house mountain 121

This is a picture from the bigger bedroom looking into the kitchen area/bathroom door.

house mountain 122

Bathroom. Weird set-up.

house mountain 123

Bathroom storage.

house mountain 124

The right corner is where they had the washer. At the foot of the tub.

house mountain 125house mountain 126house mountain 127house mountain 128

Our first dinner in our new house 🙂

house mountain 130

That definitely has to go.

house mountain 131

Danny got to work, taking off all the industrial type ceiling.

house mountain 132

There were 18 inches between them and the other ceiling.

house mountain 133house mountain 134house mountain 135house mountain 136house mountain 137

There you go!

Danny headed over this morning with Damian and I am going to join him as soon as Lali wakes up from her nap.

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