We went to the store and lucked out with one of these!

Damian cart

I have to make sure to move Lali’s legs around because they are so chunky that the circulation gets cut off when she sits in her carrier.

Lali in carrrier

After nap time. Damian knocked over the tower block I made.

DAmian woke up

Does anyone else do their laundry and keep it on the couch for a few days? No, just me?

sleepy Damian

Lali hung out with me on the couch before she needed her nap. The Santa Claus is one of my favorite movies. Christmas time movies are my favorite. Danny always asks me why I watch them so much. “Haven’t you already seen this?” Me: “Yes, what’s your point”.


It was a little warm yesterday and I wanted to watch Damian play in the water, so we drove out to the lake. The water was still a bit chilly.

Damian beachbeach life

He played with that stick the whole time. Next time we will bring a floatie, some shovels, and a bucket.

Damian all wetWet damianLAli beach lifeDamian stickanny boo

She’s playing with my Sally’s card. They don’t have a Sally’s up here. Good thing I stocked up on my hair straightening spray right before we moved.


Can you see her clothes tag..

danny boo

Guess who dressed her?? Haha.. the buttons are on the back.

buttonsLAli bearwDaddygo homelali on the floor

Came home, had a late dinner. The little boo had some floor time. We video called Papa Cuque. My dad sends Damian video messages and I play them for him on my phone. He asks me to watch them(over and over). “Mas Coco, pofo(please) Coco”. Yesterday, I figured out that you can video call on Facebook Messenger from your phone(after a quick Google search). I have an iPhone and my dad has a non-iPhone, and you can’t Face-time to a non-iPhone. My dad also doesn’t have a Skype account(my mom does). Anyway, I didn’t want to make anything super complicated and I just tried the Facebook Messenger and it worked! Damian showed Papa Cuque his stick pony and danced around. I think my dad really enjoyed that. He is working in WY right now, about twelve and a half hours from us. Closer than California, ha.

This morning Lali got up a little past 4am. I could not get back to sleep. Some coffee is in my future. We are super excited that the renters are supposed to be out by today! We drove by yesterday(I know, creepers) and it looked like they were getting everything out. I was on Pinterest yesterday and found a house that looks very similar to ours(but nicer). I sent it to Danny and he said we definitely could do the porch the same. I really really really want a turquoise front door.

This is where I found the photos. It’s our house twin!

house twinhouse twin close

Isn’t it adorable!?

..then there’s the ugly twin. The twin that needs a makeover. 😉

our house



I will post pictures once we head over. We are going to meet Danny for lunch there. I think he only works a half day.


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