It’s Hump Day

This morning the sink was full of dishes. Damian saw me preparing to wash them and scooted a chair right next to the sink. He was going to help. I think washing the dishes is quality alone time to relax. Most of the time. The other times, it’s “Ahhh, the dishes never end!!!”. Especially since we currently don’t have a dishwasher. Although Damian makes a mess of water everywhere, and it takes twice as long to wash the dishes, it is nice to have him “help” me.

Daddy decided to use my  dish sponge to clean his gun parts last night. Which of course, prompted a Dollar Tree run, because I was out of sponges.


I checked on Lali in between dish washing. She fells asleep(yes, that is my bra she fell asleep playing with).

sleeping Laliclose upsleep

Anyway, back to our shopping for dish sponges. We were also out of dish soap, bleach, dog things, unnecessary toys, a spatula…

The road was closed. We took the long way.


That says 75 degrees.


Damian takes his shoes off in the car. All of the time.


We stopped for some iced coffee and scones. I always get Damian an iced water. He drank it on the way home. Our car doesn’t circulate the A.C. very well so I try to keep him cool, especially on “hot day” like this, haha. We got home and put Lali straight to bed and headed outside to play.


Wolfi came out with us too. As soon as we got back inside Damian took his ice water to the kitchen and then dropped it. Splash! All over the kitchen floor. His small cup was full. So of course, I had a small pond to clean up.

I read this a while ago and it really sunk in with me. It applies with any spills really..

spilled milk

It’s easy to get really mad and yell, which I don’t usually do unless Damian is about to burn himself or is squishing Citlali. My mom used to yell sometimes, my dad too(not all the time). It’s understandable with what you are going through throughout the day to yell. Stress levels factor in..I guess what I am trying to say, as a child that grew up with initial reactions being(normal) yelling if you spill something for example, it’s best to not react. To just look at those big brown eyes(Damian).. realize that it was an accident.. and just clean up the mess. Smile at my little booger and just say, “Ooops, that’s okay sweety.. go play while mommy cleans it up”.

Anyway, while the babies nap, the dog naps too(mandatory). I got her a Kong bone that I filled up with peanut butter. That should be a nice pre-nap treat.


The babies are sleeping, most of the laundry is done. I did four loads of laundry which is AMAZING. Thank you three washers and three dryers the apartment has. I can do all the laundry in a fraction of the time. Shower time for momma.

Bible study tonight. 🙂

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