Case Of The Mondays

Our current Monday mood, “We’re tired and sleepy”.

Damian and I decided to join Lali for her morning nap today because we were pretty beat. Damian woke up with a fever from his nap, which he may have had since he got up but I just didn’t catch it. He got up around 12:30pm and walked out of his room without a shirt on, a pillow, and pato. I sat him on the couch with his lunch and he asked me for  “vacas” & I couldn’t say no to a little rosy faced sickie poo so I put on cows for him. He had a couple of bites. He did drink lots of water though.

He went in the bath and played some and then I decided he should get more sleep. I put him in his room and he slept some more. We all did. Danny got home, we ate and then headed to Walmart. Damian felt a lot better and ate most of his dinner.

I captured Lali’s crazy face! She gets all excited, clenches her little fingers in you and buries her head with her mouth open trying to bite you.

Damian holding avocados. He was pronouncing them very well in spanish(aguacates).

The babies are in bed. Hopefully no sickies tomorrow.

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