Party Saturday

This morning, Damian and I woke up at 7am and daddy and Lali slept in a little. I suspect that Damian woke up a lot earlier than 7am. We were up and watching cow videos.

Lali woke up around 8am and I nursed her. This is right after. πŸ™‚

Saturday Birthday 2nd 017

Happy girl. Look at her teeth!

Saturday Birthday 2nd 018Saturday Birthday 2nd 021

Danny got up soon after and we were off to breakfast.

Saturday Birthday 2nd 024Saturday Birthday 2nd 025

Good old McD’s..

Saturday Birthday 2nd 028Saturday Birthday 2nd 029Saturday Birthday 2nd 030

There’s my little booth buddy. ❀

Saturday Birthday 2nd 031

Does anyone else do this? When I worked at McD’s I had so many people ask me for a jelly to go with their breakfast sandwich and I always thought it was sooo weird. When I was pregnant with Lali I got a huge craving for it! I finally tried it, and it was life changing.

Saturday Birthday 2nd 032

We hit up North 40 afterwards.

Saturday Birthday 2nd 035

Damian loved the bear.

Saturday Birthday 2nd 036Saturday Birthday 2nd 037

Amo isle. We did a little gun window shopping.

Saturday Birthday 2nd 039

The sky cleared up throughout the morning.

Saturday Birthday 2nd 040

We did more cruising around town to antique stores. This is a BBQ grill. Pretty neat, huh? It is outside one of the local gun shops.


Danny and Lali heading to the car.

Danny and Lali3

While the kiddos napped, I worked on Damian’s birthday cake. Voila! I know, I messed up the blue squiggles.

Boot cake

They got up, we did a little more prep work and then we headed towards City Beach. Plopped Lali on a blanket so she could practice her rolling around.

Lali blanket

There’s our little cowboy.

Damian bench

He got to playing in the jail/wanted box.

Lali signs

Here is the finished product. Thank you Pinterest mom. I would have never thought of what to draw freehand just off my imagination. This was all copied off a pin.

finished box people


Damian jail

There are the boys.

Damian jace

This background looks fake, haha.

Lali face

Lali bear kept wanting to stick her hands in through the hole.

Damian Lali cowchildrenDamian looking at LAliDamian and MomaDamian touching cake

I must touch the cake…

Damian more cake

I gave him a fork. Apparently it was easier to shovel the cake into his mouth with his hands. There were crumbs in his hair.

Messy cake facecrumb facemessy hands

And that is, “momma clean me”. πŸ™‚ We had a wonderful day. We got home and put the babies to bed. Danny bought a shotgun while the babies napped this afternoon and showed me the basics as soon as we put them down to sleep tonight. Hopefully we can get to a shooting range soon so we I can practice with it. Speaking of guns, someone just fired one outside. End on that note!

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